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01   /   02   /   2016

Located in Queen West the historic baseline area of Toronto — a modern ode to the neighborhood’s past is clad in artisanal steels, Canadian masonry, warm woods and natural stone. The home considers our everyday needs, a sanctuary in the centre of West Queen street West which according to Vogue Magazine is considered to be the World’s Second coolest neighbourhood. It is “enjoying newfound prominence—and desirability—amongst globe-trotting tastemakers. Queen Street West is a verifiable artery of indie patisseries, homegrown labels, and hidden-from-view galleries—hallmarks of hipness.” 

Kool Weathering Steel House offers living spaces that are open and beautiful, yet practical. Sleeping spaces are private and proportional. The property offers outdoor entertaining areas, as well as ample indoor and outdoor storage places. The heating and cooling systems are of the highest efficiency and ensure that comfort levels are maintained. The well-insulated exterior walls, high-performance windows and ample cross-ventilation make it easy to keep the house cool in the summer and warm in the winter by accepting plenty of sunlight. Energy-efficient appliances, lighting technology, strategically placed skylights, radiant heated main level finished concrete floor and an on-demand water heating system as well as the strategic layout and sizing of interior spaces of the property further minimize energy requirements. 

All four levels of the home are unique and inviting. Large windows offer glimpses of the design landscape at the front. The living roof above the galvanized metal garage at the back and the mini fruit orchard on the master bedroom terrace make this home a large, multi-dimensional, ever-rotating kaleidoscope through which to view the changing seasons. 

Upon entering the foyer one is greeted by rich walnut millwork and warm white oak floors. From there as you enter the sitting and study areas, you catch a glimpse of the main floor with a two-storey glass curtain wall before descending a few steps to the main level. The living space in the house has been thoughtfully distributed throughout the four levels, providing both openness and privacy. The principal open living and dining area, as well as the kitchen, are on the main level. From here the landscape and the house are at play, weaving internal and external space together. The Rock dining room light fixture and natural marbles connect the exterior gabion stone retaining walls, the linear cedar wood deck flows from the inside out, and levels undulate. The open study space and sitting area separate from the formal space yet still overlook it. 

The entire street level of the house is clad in weathering steel. The front facade of the second floor is finished in a floating and wrap-around fired charcoal brick which complements the organic weathering steel. 

The 2nd and 3rd levels are clad in corrugated galvanized steel with elements of flat galvanized steel used for custom downspouts, roof details, etc. The garage is also clad in galvanized metal, this time formed in a vertical standing seem which complements the blanket of weathering steel on the home. The master bedroom floor is set in from the front to allow for a spacious terrace. 

Curtain wall-grade anodized aluminum window frames throughout provide a counter-point to the darker exterior facade elements yet seamlessly blend with the galvanized steel

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